Oh my god stop flattering me…but what else?

“Kirby is refreshing to work with. She is a thinker. In my line of work (branding and digital design) that’s absolutely critical. Many times we’re working on the fly to gain clarity on the best path forward for our clients and need someone who is also able to jump in and think strategically. Kirby does that really well. She’s also just super easy to work with! I would highly recommend her.”  Shawn R. Stewart, Director of Strategy – PlainJoe Studios

"When our company was looking to relaunch our recruiting website with an unbelievably fast turnaround, I knew I could count on Kirby to deliver quality copy and content that went above and beyond. Not only was her work exceptional and her rates reasonable, she delivered well ahead of any agreed upon deadlines. Now when our company has a project that needs some wordsmithing, we call Kirby!" F. Boyce, loanDepot.com

“Kirby is smart; not one of those academic sort of folk with too much octane and not enough cruise-control, but balanced smart—that illusive yin and yang of IQ and EQ. She’s full of ideas, fun to work with and insightful. I like to use her when I need a fresh point of view or creative direction. She’s a “New York” professional with a California optimism and a Southern charm. You’ll love her!"  Carey Richard, award-winning author of The Poppy Field Diary

"I gave Kirby complete liberty to showcase her writing and was more than pleased with the results. About the only issue I had was that I liked some of Kirby's passages more than my own! She's a delightful traveling companion and an absolute joy to work with. She is one of those "can do" people who works hard, never complains and has fun along the way."  Confidential co-writing client

"Kirby is excellent to work with. She is reliable and communicates throughout the process. Her content writing is clear, concise, and smooth. She is a true asset to any team." C. Cox, writer, business owner

"Kirby is an excellent writer. Her attention to detail is second to none and her knowledge and skill set are top-notch. She is very easy to work with and once given a task, sees it through to the finish line. I will work with her again in the future!"  C. Daigle, web design and marketing specialist

"Kirby helped me break out of being stuck and helped me organize my thoughts. She has incredible intuition and an intelligence that matches it." David Puder, MD, psychiatrist, Emotion Connection LLC

“Kirby has been a pleasure to work with. She made my writing come alive and helped me find the perfect words. She did way more than I expected! Use her for all of your writing projects.” C. Lopez, business owner and motivational speaker

"I have found an editor who doesn’t tamper with my voice and also facilitates my creative expression Kirby has enabled me, as a new author, to hone my skill and craft of storytelling. She has taken my first draft and helped me to develop it beyond recognition. She encouraged and championed my creativity."  Naomi Hendricks, humanitarian